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 What our clients say About Us

"We worked on my emotional eating habits. My body has changed for the better. I have built muscle, lost fat and regained my confidence.."

Hema. A

The program that Theo has tailored for me is very flexible and it’s a good way to leave some room for myself during my daily routine. Theo always finds the time for a phone call when needed and the fact that I exercise from home allows me to not skip any of the workouts. I can see the changes already. 


"I’m so glad I decided to work with Theo. In three months I have progressed more than I have in years. I didn’t know that I could achieve so much in such a short time, and it’s all thanks to Theo’s coaching. "

Cecilia R.

"As a working mum, my time is limited; Theo took the time to get to know me, my responsibilities at home and work as well as what I was good at and struggled with."

Aimee Cain

I’ve been training with Theo for the last year now and I’ve truly enjoyed our sessions. My body has transformed, dropping fat and gaining muscle. Theo’s training style suits me and even having moved out of the borough, I try to make time to have sessions weekly. I’ve felt my most comfortable and confident as a result of training with Theo.

Nura. J

Theo is an awesome coach and makes you feel like family. All his plans are tailored exactly to your goals and the execution is top notch.

Allan P.

What I like about training with Theo is that he motivates me to push myself and he switches up my workouts so that it doesn’t get repetitive or boring.

Robbie Nagra

With Theo’s personally tailored training, plan, and online support, I saw results in as little as two weeks. Not only was I stronger but leaner and definitely fitter. I enjoyed the daily workouts, they were a challenge, and with interval training, you feel you can achieve each exercise’s time limit and demands. It’s immense fun.

C. Simmons 

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